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Hard Driving Heroes

Though rock bands in the 1970s did not have access to the wonders of streamlined digital recording or instant global internet promotion, by and large, those old rock bands were privy to a mysterious tool, even more powerful than modern technology.. .mojo! It's hard to put your finger on such an ambiguous voodoo concept, but not many will deny that 70s rock bands like the blues breaking Steely Dan, the high flying Steve Miller Band, the soulful Warren Zevon, the ballsy Bachman Turner Overdrive or even the theatrical pomp rocking Meatloaf had more of that "it" factor than all of the best new rocks songs on todays radio put together. Yet, while everyone has a different list of their top 10 rock bands, few modern groups have been able to successfully tap into that mysterious well of inspiration that keeps the masters on their pedestals. But at least one band is worthy of carrying the torch for this bygone era, and that crew is the mighty Demon Tweak.

With a wildly creative conceptual debut that cranks like a greatest hits album from vintage hall of fame heavy weights, this project is going to blow your mind more with pure adrenalin & vibe than the 60s rock bands could with all of the speed-laced psychedelics at Altamont Speedway combined! So while the seasoned Hard Driving Heroes has that classic rock 70s and 80s delta swagger, these Demons possess one thing none of the 1970s rock bands can lay claim to any longer...a fresh perspective! Classic rock musicians are born with it in their blood. Sure, some of those legendary rockers allegedly got a helping hand at the crossroads by wheeling and dealing with darker forces; but the Demon Tweak brigade may just have enough cards up their sleeves to burn a new path all the way to the winners circle and lay claim to the lost title of next generation classic rock champions!





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