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Classic Rock and Roll Music

When someone mentions the term classic rock and roll music, many people instantly think of the rock bands in the 1960s. It was the first era of real exploration in pop music where the culture was moving faster than the chord changes and the Summer of Love opened peoples minds to a new era. Still, others might argue the best classic rock songs come from the 1970s rock bands or even the groups who started innocently enough in the 60s and morphed into arena rock killers after the purple haze of Woodstock cleared. That transitional time where songs by Rolling Stones went from shaggy black & white sing-alongs to downright nasty gin soaked technicolor counter culture anthems!

Classic Rock Best Songs

While the term "classic rock" is most widely used today to refer to the famous rock and roll bands of yesteryear, the so-called dinosaur acts that permeate the airwaves of commercial radio stations in every market, what makes a great rock band is not the year their album was released, but the passion and energy put forth in the riffs. If you made a mix-tape CD for the most die-hard vintage rocker, and called it, " Classic Rock Best Songs " odds are you could slip in some raucous cuts from one of todays most promising neo-classic monster rock machines named Demon Tweak and they'd be instantly accepted along side the masters of the genre like the boogie stomping Doobie Brothers, the darkly harmonious Irish bad asses of Thin Lizzy or that high soaring Eagles rock band who defined the countrified laid back SoCal scene of the '70s!

Demon Tweak are sure to stimulate the pleasure sensors of the most critical, set in stone, "they don't make records like they used to" rock fan. Beyond that, this high powered Amercian rock group is doing a service to the industry, because rather than wave the white flag and say the time for classic rock has passed, they proudly wave the checkered flag, only now beginning to rev their engines to full throttle as they bring the best aspects of our beloved hard rocking culture back to the forefront, on the strength of tried and true song craftsmanship, impeccable chops, and ass shaking riffs big enough to ride over top of todays safe, cookie cutter commercial rock. You know you want more from your rock bands, Demon Tweak are here to deliver it in spades, with the pedal to the metal and the volume knob melted to 11!

Hallelujah, pass the bottle



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