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Eagles Rock Band

Some classic rock bands completely re-wrote the record books when it came to the commercial success of their music. One such group was the Eagles rock band. In 1970, a group of session musicians were put together to form a touring band for Linda Ronstadt. Out of this group grew the nucleus of Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon, who would continue to record together after the completion of the tour. The Eagles released their first record later that year, and had immediate success with the tracks ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Peaceful, Easy Feeling’, and ‘Witchy Woman’. These three tracks epitomized the laid back, country-inflected classic rock that would come to define the Eagles sound.

The early 70’s were an interesting time for country music, as record labels were starting to pay more attention to the genre and market it to a wider audience. The ability of the Eagles to write country-rock songs that had more in common with Top 40 pop and rock were a record label’s dream. The Eagle’s second album, ‘Desperado’, made an even deeper association between the band and the wide open West. As the decade progressed, the Eagles learned how to hone their music to a sharper edge, introducing elements of hard rock guitar. Joe Walsh, a successful solo artist in his own right was added to the lineup, and it immediately paid off. ‘Hotel California’, their next album, was a huge hit, with the title track becoming a standard of the classic rock genre. ‘Victim of Love’ and ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ were also standout songs, and the album went on to sell 16 million copies, the most of any of their studio work.

The Eagles rock band eventually became victims of their own success, and personality conflicts and raging egos drove the band apart in 1980, after a rather spectacular emotional display during a show in Long Beach, California. Most of the group tried their hand at a solo career, and particularly for Don Henley and Glenn Frey, their work was met with a nominal degree of success. Regardless of the band’s dissolution, their material continued to sell well, and the compilation album ‘Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)’ was a veritable monster - to date it has sold 29 million copies in the United States alone, becoming the best-selling album in American history. The Eagles rock band reformed in the 1990’s and went on to do an extremely successful tour for their adoring fans, who had been waiting decades to see them together again onstage.






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